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In addition to the services we offer, On The Day Films is quite different from your standard video production company.

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At On The Day Films, we are more than just a videographer or production house.

Hayden studied and trained as a filmmaker in the North American film industry. He was taught by those in one of the largest film industries in the world and got his 10,000 hours working on film sets, like that of the Hallmark channel. What does that mean? It means that he is formally trained in more than just sound, lighting and editing. He’s also trained in directing, which focuses on capturing a moment, an individuals passion, the essence of a business/product/service (USP). Being able to share that is a unique skill that sets us apart from other videographers. What does that look like in reality? Hear what one of our clients had to say about the outcome we achieved for them.

Hayden is brilliant to work with; he understands the ‘big picture’ of promotion and can transform a verbal explanation of an idea into a real thing.  Our video is crystal clear, is timed perfectly and captures 3 diverse school campuses, 16 hours of footage into our desired 3 minutes – seriously impressive stuff.  We look forward to working with Hayden again in the future.
Renee Rackley
Principal, Noosa District State High School

Having trained on A and B list US film sets early in his career, the importance of pre-production was ingrained in Hayden.

Planning a shoot is critical to how we operate because it means that run sheets can be created, scripts perfected and practised, sun/lighting and sound accounted for.

This is just a handful of the small details that we take seriously to ensure an optimal outcome without the need for additional shoot days. Additional shoot days only add to your cost and take you away from what’s most important – your business.

Alex has 7+ years as an engineer and project manager working on projects worth tens of millions to billions of dollars. His experience ensures that the entire process from partnering with us to project execution and close out is seamless. This means less time lost in admin, emails, phone calls and meetings.

Our unique experiences means we only produce premium content. From industry leaders to premium brands, how you present your business matters.

Think about the last time major purchase you made, did you buy from the more professional company? Did you even pay a premium for a more professional product, service or experience? Your customers subconsciously also make the same decisions and then justify the decision rationally. The more small things you can do to help that process the easier it is to engage new and existing clients.

Every business operates differently. We all work in different supply/demand and/or reporting cycles. Each industry will have different demand peaks or quiet periods. These may include demand based on:

Financial year – accountants, banks as well as most businesses.

Calendar year/school year – schools, universities and all of the businesses that support education facilities (how many businesses have back to school sales?).

Seasonal – pest control, furniture, clothes, cafes, building and renovations.

This is why we’ve created different solutions to maximise the outcome for your business and industry.

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Bringing Courtney into the team as a marketing adviser means our clients get better short and long term results without having to engage and manage multiple businesses. This not only ensures alignment and reduces time and stress for our clients but also saves them money, maximising their ROI.

Your primary business is running your business and proving the best service/experience for your customers. Trying to learn and stay current with all the ins and outs of marketing channels takes away from that.

Don’t be a Jack of all trades but a master of none, let us take care of making sure your videos are promoted on the right channels to the right audience. We can even monitor and report on their performance so you can hone in on what is most effective for your business and generate the highest ROI.

On The Day Films can get your business on the big screen! Having cinema experience and an alliance with the Event Cinemas ad distribution network not only do we get it right the first time we also save you money.

  1. You are in safe hands. Our director has experience with both small and large productions (e.g. the short film he directed, Motherboard, toured the global film festival circuit and won the best comedy scene award at the Las Vegas Film Festival).
  2. Our post-production team optimises your video for cinema which means you look just as professional as the main event. 
  3. Our alliance with the Event Cinemas ad distribution network can save you over 50% in processing fees.


Why advertise in cinemas?

Cinema has seen a 23% increase in advertising in the past 24 months whilst all other major traditional mediums have seen declines. This is fueled by a growing trend away from mainstream TV, to paid services like Disney+, HBO, Netflix, Stan, Foxtel, Apple etc.


Do many people still go to the movies?

Yes, cinema is currently releasing a minimum of 6 to 8 Blockbusters per month. The Sunshine Coast recorded over 2 million ticket sales in 2019 across Kawana (~600,000 tickets sold), Maroochydore (~1 million tickets sold), Noosa (~400,000 tickets sold).


Is cinema advertising right for me?

Cinema is being used by all types and sizes of business. We can help your business get on the big screen with the likes of Jim’s Mowing, Mercedes and Telstra. Be seen where your audience is choose to advertise locally, regionally or even nationally! 


I’m still not sure…

Around 73% of Event Cinemas ad distribution network clients in regional areas of Qld, NSW and Vic are long term cinema advertisers, having an average tenure of over 7 years.